For the First Three Cycles, please make sure to charge the battery fully and drain it fully before recharging. It looks like the results are the same as my test over a year ago in , so the Lenmar batteries I purchased in and used for a while and have then stored ever since, again survived over a year of being stored, and now four years later, still work well. I pulled both of them out to see if they’d still turn on and check the Lenmar batteries in them. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Based on this, I’ve got to say that Lenmar replacement batteries are five star batteries!

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I order a BR 50 battery online. About ten months ago I wrote this quick guide to the differences between the BR56 and the BR50 cell phone batteries.

I contacted the seller and complained that I got the wrong battery and it was 5 years old! Unplug your AC adapter if you are not using your cellphone.

I left it charging the rest of the afternoon, and it fully charged I’m not sure how long it took. Loved my razr and kept it cause it was just so cool! Mobile Accessories by Scott Stein Dec 6, I don’t have current valid T-Mobile SIM cards, so I can’t make calls on the phones, but I’m going to just leave them on and see how long the battery charge lasts. It was still beeping when I left the house around noon, and then was off when I returned around 3pm. I don’t want to buy another old battery, so I don’t order, and instead start looking for an alternative replacement battery.


You can read about my Lenmar Nikon EN-EL19 replacement battery test here I think it easily took more pictures on a single charge than the original Nikon battery.

I’m big on principle, and I don’t like to be ripped off or taken advantage of. However, if I turn it completely off before I go to bed, it will still be fully charged the next morning Dirty battery contacts are the number one source of charging problems.

I’d like to stay with the Razr, but there’s no guarantee that what is ailing my phone is only a dying battery. I ask because I just bought a “new” BR56 on amazon and got ripped off it turned out to be dated and looks used.

Motorola BR56 – cellular phone battery – Li-Ion

And these are five year old batteries! Ideally, if you’re not using a phone, you should still turn it on every three to six months, and then fully charge the battery. And what is the manufacturing date on the battery? Both phones will go back in the drawer for storage. Mobile Accessories by Ty Pendlebury Dec 5, My question to you Bigger Than Magic Leap 4 weeks ago. It is either an old “refurbished” battery which is what I got and turned out to be junkor it is a new but knockoff counterfeit battery.


Motorola BR56 Cell Phone Batteries

Nice job keep it up!! I plugged the Pink RAZR in this morning and it fully recharged in about two and a half hours with no problems.

See Talk Time Talk Time – The length of time you can talk on mororola portable or transportable cellular phone without recharging the battery. The battery actually charged! Motorola doesn’t make BR50 or BR56 batteries anymore, so what should you do? This morning, which would be 4 days or 96 hours since I initially charged up the batteries and then left the phones turned on, the silver RAZR still shows 3 out of 3 bars on the battery charge indicator, but the pink RAZR has dropped to 2 out of 3 bars now.

As I wrote, there are people out there br556 old batteries that were manufactured a long time ago.

Motorola BR56 Cell Phone Batteries –

Make sure no cotton is left on the contact points. Li-ION batteries does not suffer from memory effect. I don’t want people buying a Lenmar battery and thinking it’s new if they really don’t make them any more. I test our three-year-old Lenmar replacement batteries.