Look carefully, I found it before. Very different – I suspect this is one of the earliest non-caddy drives. I guess its better late than never. I believe the way it operates correct me if I’m wrong is that you pull the whole drive forward as if you’re pulling it out of your PC case! I’ll report back when I get a chance to test this out again.

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And yes, try the IDE driver. Would you use this site again?: It makes an automaticly string: Made a short video with the drive in action: But when i bought the case for my case it came with an mitsumi double speed cd-rom player, also known as a 2x speed cd-rom player. Okay, so after dismantling one of the drives, cleaning rails, cleaning contacts, cleaning everything and putting it back together Did some more looking and found that this is a strange drive.

Very different – I suspect this is one of the earliest non-caddy drives. The bad thing about the software driver is that it takes a longer time to load during boot, but makes up for it with requiring only 10kb memory.


September 13th 06, This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. The lens will get cloudy with dust and can be cleaned with a small q-tip and eyeglass cleaner. I love caddy loading drives.

You look like you need a Soundblaster 16! September 14th 06, You then open the lid to access the disc. Post back with your results. It has its own ISA interface card to make it work. contrller

It had a slightly different faceplate and the card had jumpers not switches, but I do remember it was a proprietary interface. It’s fairly self explanatory from here, but for the sake of writing it out for people in the future who need to reference this: Though, it’s possible the SB 16s drivers may allow use in jitsumi operating systems, whereas the Eith drivers I’ve provided above would only be good in DOS, 3x, and maybe if you were lucky 9x. I found a lot of nice stuff in U.

Free to the general public.

If they’ve been stored “improperly”, I’d suspect some degree deterioration has occurred i. D I’ve got one of these as well. Click on “Other devices”.

Mitsumi CD-ROM Controller with Double Speed Drive Drivers Download

I may have some interest in it, how much did you conttoller for it? Not sure if it is the same model, but it is just like you describe. Here’s a crude write up of the process when using the same ISA card I used: That thing doubel pops out with a lid is referred to as a caddy.


I will look for you at some point. I’d say do any testing once you get a card in DOS 5.

VOGONS • View topic – Install an Mitsumi double speed cd-rom on a ACER MAGIC S20

Finding a card likely won’t be an issue for the OP, especially with my supplied ebay links not my auctions, for the recordbut I bet you could supply one cheaper if you have one. Though Dkuble want to add the following: Specify 7 DMA 3i. Is it possible that DOS 6.

If there are duplicate or additional items there that don’t appear in normal mode but do in Safe Mode, remove all that will allow you to remove them.