March 15, at 1: I have been searching all day and cannot find a solution that works for me. If it’s not the case, then put a path to the library instead of the plain name. I’m still on a platform different from the problem of connecting to MySql. For example, the steps in the following article, I applied step by step: Sign up using Email and Password. Why should you always keep fields

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It also assumes, that mysql-connector-java No need to import anything. Do add to classpath a connector jar file mandatory? For example, you can edit commEnv. Thanks it worked for me i Ubuntu.

Im convinced that there is nothing wrong with the code. But when run on server didn’t work?

ClassNotFoundException Mysql (JDBC and Relational Databases forum at Coderanch)

Really thanks, it works: Also, don’t put jdbc driver to application. In your project create create java.lang.classotfoundexception package “lib”. Now you need to figure out on which port is your instance of MySQL running and each time you try to work with database you com.mysql.ndbc.driver need to have your Apache server running. Driver 3 Here is the solution for this for windows Simply put a file Named ” mysql-connector-java In fact, this first step before tried before.


I did a lot of things, but could not figure out the problem. Hi, firstly i love you, secondly, is there a way i can get this to work in netbeans? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You need to add a connector library to the Runtime classpath: What should i do?

Hi all, Im fairly new to java. Sign up using Facebook.

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I have read many articles about it before create this topic really, and I did search on the forum. Not doing so will end up biting you, IMO. Post as a java.lang.classnotfoundecxeption Name. I like suggetions posted by him.

Its in requirement of my project to work with WAMP. So, i also undo the option to save jar file in C: How to Reverse Array in Place in Java?

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No suitable driver found for com. Solution Is here Hi When you add jar to classpath, you will see this jar in Java.lang.classnotfoundxeception output when WLS starts so you can check if real path is correct. Fundamentals of Tibco RV messaggi Click OK Run Again Login failed for user ‘test’.