It seems it’s a “receiving problem”, at least in my case. My Intrepid is up-to-date -security and -updates ; if this has been solved i think it should be placed in -updates, not in proposed. After Installation is complete, you will need to reboot. But since today’s updates it doesn’t work anymore. At first, I discovered that if I get into the bluetooth system settings, I can delete the hp bluetooth mouse, then create a new one , hit the connect button under the mouse, then go with automatic pin settings, and its back and running. I followed Cedric’s fix:.

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After rebooting, hciconfig shows that the mouse type USB??

Logitech v470, middle left-right buttons, Ubuntu Linux

On my system I have version 4. Sign up using Email and Password. Cedric c-vanfrachem wrote on My mouse “Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse ” don’t connect automatically after reboot! It sits in an ASUS eee Installation was new rather than an logitecg from Hardy.

Mouse wheel side buttons not working – Ask Ubuntu

The other way around is not working. Intrepid is no longer supported.

Traceback most recent call last: It was HW problem. Bluetooth mouse is non-functional until it is deleted from Bluetooth Manager and re-added.


bluetooth_materiel-soutenu [Wiki ubuntu-fr]

SCO socket layer initialized [ 2. Brian Watson vertexoflife wrote on Can anyone of you who also has this problem try to switch the Visibility Setting in Preference dialog to see if it helps?

Only removing the pairing and adding again or running hidd –search with mouse in pairing mode will reconnect the mouse. I then discovered that I can with another mouse go to the bluetooth setting, select the hp bluetooth mouse, hit the connect button under the mouse, and then click on the greyed out ON connection, and it will connect again. Logitch device MAC number – though it generally takes several attempts.

No help for my case? Also trying to receive files from the ACER laptop gives me the same error.

Vadim Tkachuk vadim-tkachuk wrote on I installed bluez-compat so at least “hidd –search” and pressing the pairing button will get the mouse back. Try removing device and then before you readded it, move the visibility to always. I know this report has been tagged as “Fix Released” and I am not sure if I should open a new one for my problem. In order to use the mouse again, it’s necessary to delete the mouse from the list of paired devices and add it as a new device again with bluetooth-wizard.


DiscoverDevices The value is in seconds. Then I followed the advice here to set bluez to “always visible” and reboot.

Bluetooth : matériel pris en charge

My rocketfish bluetooth mouse also wouldn’t reconnect on reboot on a clean installed Intrepid. Jens Janssen jayjay wrote on oogitech This seems to affect more than just bluetooth mice, my Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Wireless Comfort Keyboard exhibit the same behavior. Here is a workaround that worked for me who uses a Logitech Mouse. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Every time my mouse loses connection, I need to do such a switch in bluetooth prefs dialog. Still would like to know why imwheel doesn’t work As Leann mentioned earlier, this bug was originally reported against the device with Id 0a5c: I have followed http: