Next, Colunga continued on to Vice, arriving at approximately Life has been similar ever since. It goes on but will never be the same. So he borrowed a belt from a woman standing nearby and, in classic Texan style, hogtied Colunga. Doniak’s journey to this ceremony was two years delayed.

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Austin’s blood bank is running low. Those day jobs are intertwined now with duties as caregivers, as the stewards of the continuing miracle. It has been five months since a year-old driver ran a red light, plowed through a crosswalk in the early-morning hours in Austin, Texas, and knocked the dkniak of the Dave Doniak family off its axis.

Former UT soccer player graduates years after near-deadly accident

We are weeks away from embarking on our every-four-years celebration of the young and athletic, the Kylie Doniaks of the world. For Kylie Doniak, it’s probably a little extra special. Kylie had earned a few nights out with friends. Skip to main content.

Family of former UT soccer player takes stand against downtown nightclubs | The Daily Texan

Advertise Classifieds Contact Jobs Digest. The suit alleges Colunga, 22, had between 15 and 20 beers the night he hit Kylie, most of which he drank within two hours of the accident at the nightclubs Vice and Fuel. Kylie Doniak of Chino Hills had set her sights on Olympics, but she was severely injured when struck by a car in Austin, Texas.


As terrible and horrific as those are, they heal. Seconds before she was hit, she and her companions walked past a man on a motorcycle. Overton, who had been hospitalized with When a burglar breaks into a car to grab a package they can clearly see, those in the Austin Police force call it On the night of the accident, she had been invited to go to downtown Austin by her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend.

It is just not worth it. We just live with the peaks and valleys. It goes on but will never be the same. He speculated that, had they stopped to respond, just for a second, they might not have been hit. View the discussion thread. The suit asks for unspecified damages and a trial by jury. The City of Round Rock is in the process of collecting data related to excessive noise created by bars in downtown Her family’s days revolve around her recovery; a fundraiser is planned. They didn’t respond, kept on walking and Perez said he felt a swish from over his shoulder as Colunga sped through the crosswalk.


Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Colunga did not stop, so Perez took off after him. Defending against vehicle break-ins.

There, he consumed four to five drinks before returning to Fuel where he kylir served several more beers. Soon, she got well enough to return to Southern California for therapy, then well enough to go home.

He was stopped and waiting for the red light to change. Path for Austin FC clears up.

The driver sped through, hitting them, Kylie took the brunt of the force. Now, on a regular basis, she asks her parents, Dave and Lori, and her sisters, Alyssa and Makenzy, if she has graduated and if not, why not. Big smiles spread across their faces as they celebrated much more than her diploma.

Most severely injured of the three young people struck that night of Feb. His name was Sisto Perez and he told police later that he had said something to the trio about the heavy traffic that night as they walked past.