The main unit is a 90g box measuring 9cm long by 3. The projection unit itself measures 92x35x25mm and weighs about 90 grams, which makes it considerably smaller than my cordless mouse. Hardware in the module is designed to triangulate the location of the reflected light to determine which key was pressed. Any one got any thoughts? Continue to stress over how long it will work before you are unable to connect again, and pat yourself on the back for living the high-stress, painful life of an “early adopter”! TECH’s device undoubtedly works, and we look forward to tracking its future progress. Before I have a nervous breakdown!

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I never got the message asking “Is this the first time The main unit ittech a 90g box measuring 9cm long by 3. This means that i can connect to the keyboard steady blue light on the keyboard unit but when I try and enable the keyboard in the VKB program, it just asks me for another passkey.

Don’t buy an itech VKB / Virtual bluetooth keyboard / pairing problem

How on earth did you get yours working? TECH needs to address.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Not surprising perhaps, given that the keyboard is a laser projection; itexh, it’s unlikely to be usable next to a brightly lit window in an office, or on a train. If the latter is set for a shorter period than the former, then simply waving your hand where the keyboard should be is enough to restart it.


Posted November 23, Mine reconnects now every time I turn the phone on and the keyboard is on. Any owners care to comment? From hereworth a look as itceh describe setting it up.

I-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Hopefully I’ll be able to sell some now! It can be set to go into power-saving mode if no one types for a preset time. Most of the compatibility complaints you’ll discover in independent reviews have to do with finding the right drivers and convincing them to recognize the device.

Posted March 1, HHR is a leader in the Hong Kong toy industry and also in the design and marketing of otech accessories and electronics, including cell phone and MP3 player accessories. Oh – Step A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity. You can really see the potential for this sort of technology once you expand the idea into using vkkb single projector to project a number of custom templates that control the input for a slew of PLCs in an industrial plant or provide custom interfaces for a set of networked workstations.

It’ll usually give the passcode to use in there.

I.TECH Virtual Keyboard

I’m also scared to try TomTom now in case it buggers up the virtual serial port connection! It has the ability to function well in certain harsh or sterile environments far, far better than a traditional keyboard.

The VKB runs off a rechargeable 3. The VKB does alleviate some of these problems, as you can now type on a full size QWERTY keyboard, making working with word processing and other documents, a much more practical affair. Posted January 28, edited.


Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. It creates a respectably sized x95mm keyboard about 60mm from the projector. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

iTech Bluetooth virtual keyboard – Blue Angel – – MoDaCo

Listen for 2 bleeps. The Virtual Keyboard’s cable connection is to the handheld’s docking port, which is generally on the bottom edge of the unit, and there’s no stand provided.

Additional devices may be supported fkb the future. Essentially, it eliminates the need for a cramped keyboard on your mobile device, and allows you the freedom of typing on a complete QWERTY keyboard. As I pressed the enter key on the projected image, the pairing was instantaneous. itehc

The manual does have some detail in it, but is not particularly well structured or clear, meaning you will be fiddling with the unit for some time, trying to get it to work. Problem was that the CD in teh box was a very early version of drivers as ltech was a demo unit, so I borrowed a more up-to-date CD ckb had the proper drivers for the M You can also configure the sensitivity of the keyboard.