Bug – Import user certificate is failing with error message ‘PKI-error’. This is the expected behavior of the application. The new Port assignments should be set. Bug – Plugin installation: Select the events you want to record, and then click Save. Bug – Views:

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Go to the following URL for more information:. See the Tomcat documentation for more details: For more information, see the Apache web sitethe Jakarta web siteand the Sun Java web site. Layout setting for File appender. Log in to iManager. In the meantime, content will appear in standard North American English. Windows R2 for iManager server and Windows 8.

(For Customer)iManager NetEco Product Documentation (V600R008C30_04)(PDF)-EN

This is a known compatability issue with Netscape and the newer versions of Apache. No Trace – Providing Auditing and logs while authorized users upload the npm files. Where is a comprehensive list of all Novell iManager fixes since iManager 2. Imansger is strongly suggested that eDirectory on a Windows server be upgraded to a version later than 8.


If you see files named. When using different versions of iManager in the same browser you may need to clear the browser cache.

On some versions of Linux with JVM 1. In this situation, you will need to assign members to these roles in order to use them. The following tasks in the eDirectory Maintenance role can only be imanagef on imanger server running eDirectory 8. If, for instance, the iPrint role is assigned to a user and the scope is set at the top of the imanaget, the user that was assigned to that role will have supervisor rights to the entire tree. When iManager is running with JVM 1.

Location of the key store file. The iManager uninstallation program only removes the files that the iManager installation originally copied onto the server. The following roles will assign supervisor rights to the container specified in the scope to the user:.

(For Customer)iManager NetEco 6000 Product Documentation(V600R007C60_05)(PDF)_EN

For example, and are valid ports. When assigning roles to users or groups, the administrator is prompted for a scope.

The new Port assignments should be set. NICI upgraded to the latest version: This is necessary for the above variables to take effect. Bug – ICE plugin – import, no longer works after applying Patch 8.


History of Issues Resolved for Novell iManager

Unable to edit schema OID with imanager 2. If the value of MaxBackupIndex is set to 0, no backup file will be created. When creating users from these custom-created tasks, it is not making a uniqueID matching the CN. This certificate issue has required the modification of the following components.

IP address of the imamager in which the Audit server is running. You can customize the File value in either of the following platforms:. Several roles in iManager require supervisor rights to the container to perform the required tasks of that role.

If you want to use different versions of iManager in your network 1.