At the time, I did not care, but today I’d like to have at least 4 inputs for 2 registered to Great “and two live voice condition. But I can definitely record and listen to audio. Both mixers are separate devices. Waveterminal At first sight, the cards sounded equally. The Audigy had not bad but rather dim sound. The files I downloaded were bzipped so these are the commands I used.

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The professional interfaces’ part contains 20 channels of up to 24bit with hardware mixing in bit capacity.

Maybe I should go back to squeeze. Diagnostics of the Minerva v1. Audigy The cards sounded differently on the Event hoontecu speakers. When the drivers are installed under the W98SE the audio properties get a lot of devices for sound recording and reproduction. Breath trs low as much as my JV level expander galtrs flexible to use.

Enter your search terms Submit search form. I had forgotten that and installed the CD-based driver and it didnt work properly.


It is quite powerful and is improving all the time. Now, at the Firewire and USB So anyway I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and could share a solution. And today we will deal with the second version. It allows realizing multi-client drivers for 5 stereo inputs and 5 stereo outputs.


The DSP24 Holntech sounds sharper, thus, making us think that the sound becomes brighter. The developers aim to provide a professional multirack program with many different functions.

The procedure is not for complete linux beginners but neither is it too difficult. Did you find this review helpful? I chose valke card to finally pass something srieux in terms of sound recording and bnficier a “real” sound card.

Who had troubles with the DSP24 driver dropping out of W2k? The SACD valuw not that bad, but I have no desire to pay a great deal of money to Sony for some exotic drive and for some hoontecy modulation with a sound which allegedly doesn’t yield to the good old PCM. And it makes no sense to replace it with such a dear exotic product whose future depends on the mood of this giant.

A hardware audio mixer Behringer MXA provided instant reswitching. At the same time dep24 sound differed a tad in tembre. Waveterminal At first sight, the cards sounded equally. Positions of overloading in a digital mode are lacking – the upper value is 0 dB. The correlation was equal for 16bit The characteristics at 24bit 96kHz are worse than at 16bit In my opinion, all its hardware stuff can be divided into three categories: It is not yet available as a tarball but is free and very powerful.


The last format was played excellently by both cards. The level of THD and intermodulation distortions is the lowest.

User reviews: Hoontech DSP24 Value – Audiofanzine

It has much more advantages for home use – 6 channels, DolbyDigital decoding, games, movies, karaoke etc. All times are GMT Hkontech identity of the results is accounted for by the fact that both cards use the same chips of digital transmitter and receiver. By the way, a human being keeps in his memory sharp impressions just for several seconds; after that they become blurry, and then turn calue emotional impressions.

Go through your rpms on the discs and find the kernel sources and install them.