Be sure there are no shipping and handling damages on the card before proceeding. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version Visit the device manufacturer’s website to download the latest versions. A profile applies to a specific graphics card. For more information, consult your computer’s manual or manufacturer.

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Inspect the card carton for obvious damage. Information Center The Information Center provides detailed information in one location about the installed graphics hardware, graphics software, system hardware, and system software. Follow the Wizard’s on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

GV-RXD: Exceptional Performance with Best Value – Graphics – Press Release –

The following is the step-by-step installation guide. Or please contact your motherboard nearest dealer for motherboard driver. DirectX Installation English 3. A Hotkey is a combination of a modifier key or keys, such as Ctrl, Alt, or Shift, and gigavyte letter from the alphabet.

gv-rx802256d When installing the graphics card, do not push down the heat pipe. English Table of Contents 1. Windows installings the components. The Advanced view is recommended for experienced users. Then you can follow the guides to setup your graphics card driver.


Gigabyte Radeon ( MB) (GV-RXD) Graphics Card | eBay

To ensure you install the latest driver, insert the Installation CD that shipped with your graphics card. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version A profile applies to a specific graphics card. Select the BIOS file from your hard disk or floppy disk.

This page is useful when you are not aware of which type of 3D settings your application uses, or when you want to use an overall adjustment control that rapidly configures your application.

For more information, consult your computer’s manual or manufacturer. If necessary, adjust your monitor’s setting by monitor’s adjust panel to gigaybte the screen looks focused, crisp, and sharp. Click the appropriate tab to change your display settings. If necessary, consult your computer’s manual for help in removing the cover. Shipping and handling may cause damage to your card.

Adjusting the Gamma can be useful for CAD applications that rely heavily on color coding or applications that require realistic color. These settings are provided for resolving certain incompatibilities within 3D applications that use one of these APIs. After getting into Safe Mode, in Device Manager check whether the driver for the graphics card is correct.


Click the Advanced button for adapter and setting. Adjusting the Contrast control alters the overall contrast. Gigabhte can also adjust the horizontal and vertical sync or enable composite sync.

You can change the settings for the following 3D features as you normally would on each feature own page: Use the Color Correction Images to e preview the changes before applying them. This driver available for the following operating systems: Then the DirectX 9 installation is completed.

Gigabyte GV-RX80256D graphics card

The card contains sensitive electric components, which can be easily damaged by static electricity, so the card should be left in its original packing until it is installed. Trademarks Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

Use a grounded wrist strap before handling computer components.