Originally Posted by Backfire. A fool and his money are easily parted. The time now is However, the club was obviously too heavy. I am looking at buying a set of Callaway clubs, and have come across http: Lefty Lucas I am abidextrous, I once golfed right-handed and now I shoot left-handed just as badly!

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Do the right thing and purchase from your local retailer and be assured of receiving the genuine article. These guys are persistent, they just listed another set and the shafts are blatantly fake.

A few years ago we bought a Canon camera from a taylodmade and googled it afterwards and found there were a lot of complaints about the products and dealing with the seller.

Since the clubs looked slightly off I compared them to real clubs at our local store. We ran the serial number from your e-mail, and we were not able to pull up any specifications.

Anything else, please feel free to contact us. Maybe they are stolen? Tags for this Thread counterfeitfaker11taylormade.

I would be interested to hear your experience with them as well as any other people that have bought from garagesalegolf. The grip does not look like a standard new TaylorMade grip. Just wondering if you have heard of this guy?


Their website is a clone of http: Select Golo Rangefinder- GX When my club pro put it beside an original Ping G15 every font and color was different throughout the entire club. All times are GMT Thanks for the help, glad this message board is here!

These were purchased off of TGN. A friend put it on his scale to check swing weight should have been D3 and it was so heavy it was off the scale. If not, how do the manufacturers allow this to continue, not just for the sake of themselves but more importantly for the integrity of the golf industry? Quality products, fast and stellar service tyalormade what makes RockBottomGolf.

I just heard back from someone at golfbuyitonline Hensol golf and he claimed that the companies out there like I named stole the skin of their site and to stay away.

Are these burner 2.0 irons fake?

I had a unique thought…. When I looked into it a bit more, I realised I was done over! I have a few I buy from on Ebay wihtout worry because I have called the OEMs and taylormdae that the seller is a dealer, otherwise, caveat emptor Lefty Lucas I am abidextrous, I once golfed right-handed and now I shoot left-handed just as badly! I checked this and they were right!!


Are these burner irons fake? – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

Counterfeiters are not interested in precision — just your money. I am very skeptical on this website as the written English looks terrible and there is no sign of their registration with UK companies house on the register.

CN Technical Phone Number Your name You must enter your name. I have no idea who Bussiness Review is or its standing within the world of journalism but I am not about to dispute the accuracy of the figures mentioned.

I made the mistake of purchasing a set of Callaway X irons from golfstoreshop. My irons were same swingweight from Callaway here. No phone number so I emailed asking if their products are authentic. It read exactly as follows: Log in or Sign up.