They don’t make chipsets and can only work with what they are given. Mar 23, Posts: We’ve had the board for a little while but we’ve never been able to make the board work in asynchronous mode and detect any performance increase. He doesn’t push his machine like I would mine, but I don’t think this one will buckle under moderate pressure. Was it easy to set up? Anyone with a Epox 8k3a? What Sandra is really measuring here is the bandwidth the host processor can make use of from what’s available from the memory controller.

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Cheap, good expansion and lots of support for the enthusiast in terms of performance and overclocking features are what I expected and that’s exactly what I got. Onto Aquamark, our shader-heavy DirectX 8. THe baord was only 85 dollars, I really couldnt pass that up and Ive had epoxx luck with Epox in the past. I’m not a fan of rotated sockets since I used to run water cooling and rotating the socket when moving motherboard meant rotating and repositioning the water block.

Review: EPoX 8K3A – Mainboard –

This might change in the future since it’s mainly BIOS controlled from what I understand and DDR MHz memory epxo starting to appear in small quantities and is already available from DDR sticks if you know what you are buying and do your homework!

New item that you can order before we receive stock. Coupled with suitable memory such as!! Sure it leaves some free for 8k3aa rest of the system to utilise, but by and large the headroom doesn’t make much difference. Multipliers can be lowered and given a proper process shrink, the CPU has some headroom left in it for a while before Hammer hits.


But, Epox call’s it “the overclockers motherboard” and there are plenty of features to do so.

Overclocking I wont dwell on overclocking for long except to prove the effect of overclocking the front side bus and letting the CPU have greater bandwidth. However with regular air coolers the socket rotation shouldn’t be an issue.

Again, predictably, we get what we expected.

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The KT Northbridge seems to run exceptionally cool. At MHz and above, your memory clock will match the front side bus speed.

People epoxx already taking this board to MHz front side bus without doing anything special. Layout is sensible despite with a couple of niggles that are mostly personal rotated socket and slightly goofy ATX power socket placement. A notch below the physical limits of the rest of the system and things were outstandingly stable, something EPoX have worked hard on.

Excellent performance all round from the board, no question. The board enjoys the 3-phase power circuitry to provide stable overclocks. The ATX case header is also properly labelled, something you don’t see on all boards and I was able to connect my case headers without having to refer to the manual which is a nice rarity.

8o3a in our look at general performance we have Serious Sam: Decent price, kept me updated with progress, well packed and they chucked in some sweeties! Latency on the memory increases actually negating some of the new bandwidth performance you get. Supported by the biggest tech community forums. It’s quite obvious that Athlon XP could do with a front side bus hike to let it use more memory bandwidth.


Next up we have Quake3. Just how motherboards should be. The board uses a full 9-hole ATX mount and was an easy drop in replacement for the last board in the test chassis. The higher speed offsets some of the latency increase and everything moves a bit faster.

dpox I just orderd one of these and a special stepping XP. Logik Ars Praefectus Tribus: Overall very fast, very stable and just what the overclocking doctor ordered. Be the first to review this product. A pleasure to test, the 8K3A is fast and stable. Starting in the top left area we have the main ATX power connector and the 3-phase power regulation circuitry and components that feed the CPU socket with power and in turn the rest of the board.

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