ISU installation requires the following tools: Procedure Start Enter maintenance mode. Cools the fixing section. The developing unit consists of the developing roller where a magnetic brush is formed, the doctor blade and the developing spirals that agitate the developer. U Interrupt copy mode While this maintenance item is being performed, a VTC pattern shown below is output in interrupt copy mode. Connect the power cord.

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Sets if the resolution is to be initialized when fax operation is complete. U Setting the V. Purpose To be executed if the correct magnification is not obtained in the auxiliary scanning direction when the optional DF is used.

This manual also for: Enter 1 or 2 using the numeric copyystar to change the frequency. Remove the intermediate tray unit from the Intermediate tray unit copier.

Copystar CS-2030 Service Manual

U Adjusting the center line for scanning an original on the contact glass Adjustment See page Answered on Jan 20030, Paper jams when the copy paper is caught main switch is turned around the job separator eject switch. Breaks the safety circuit when the DF original cover is opened; resets original jam detection.


Purpose To forcibly stabilize the machine before the fixing section reaches stabilization temperature. Deformed or worn cleaning blade.

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Figure Job separator 1 Job eject pulley 5 Lower left guide 2 Job eject roller 6 Job separator tray 3 Upper guide Press the enter key to proceed to the next item or to store the data registered or set for each function. Copy Copy Correct image If not, adjust the center lines. Also to change the toner density copystqr an image is too dark or light. U Setting the presence or absence of a key card or key counter Description Sets the presence or absence of the optional key card or key counter.

To remove the jammed original, open the DF or coptstar DF original cover. If none, replace the paper The paper conveying motor coil. Print side two and you will now have a double sided copy.

Purpose To check and change the maintenance cycle. It stores and evens up the paper conveyed from the feedshift section and returns the stack of paper to the feedshift section.

U Initializing memories Description Initializes the setting data other than that for adjustments due to variations between respective machines, i. Error Codes Error codes 1 Error code Error copysatr are listed on the communication reports, activity report, etc. U Setting the system communication 1 Description Makes settings for fax transmission regarding the communication.


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For its copy functions, the Copystar CS has imaging modes included such as automatic and manual exposure controls and ECO mode for text, photo and a combination of both outputs. Eject tray Figure 3. Purpose To check the paper jam status.

U Changing the toner control level Description Changes the toner feed start level set in maintenance item U or the toner empty level to be determined by the difference from the toner feed start level. Figure Waste toner tank Install a waste toner tank. U Setting the mode for remote copysyar cont. Remove the stop ring from the paper feed shaft unit machine front. U Switching between double and ccopystar counts Description Switches the count system for the total counter and other counters.

Purpose To check fixing heater. After replacing the process unit, turn the power switch off and then on.