Please use the form from http: Same as operating a normal TV set. If the disc is re-writable and not empty, you need to erase it first. There are many useful options for your convenience. Double-click on the speaker icon in the system tray. It will be installed from the Compro installation CD, and you can delete and add it from gadget setup. Alignment Window button will put slave window s into main 15 window which is convenient for you to watch multiple programs on full screen mode.

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Once you connect the cable to our Copro card, the static interferes with the system. COMPRO reserves the right to make revisions to this publication without obligation to notify any person or entity of any such changes. In the channel property settings, you can setup video color and noise reduction level, de-interlacing level for each channel noise reduction level, de-interlacing level, and sharpness setting are not suitable for digital TV.

Choose the DVD-R device u28000f.

Download Driver, TV Application ComproDTV and FM Application ComproFM

videkmate If you see no response, please move your mouse cursor on the IR icon. The SmartZoom property setting only works when you choose the custom SmartZoom display mode. Language select is only available while the program supports it. Channel up and down. It will save it to a file on your disk.


Same as operating a normal TV set. It provides you the more instinct interface. To channel scan all the available channels. When you reinstall the ComproDTV 4 or your system, you can import the previous channel list and save your time for resetting it.

Furthermore, you can also have another window to playback recorded file which now allows you to watch total u2800r 6 windows at the same time. Insert the installation CD into your CD drive. Second, if clicking the item, it will change to another part, which show in detail about the comrpo you clicked.

First, there is a table that has five rows; it means that schedule view will allow the first five schedules in the list.

Display the recording format. Note In order to receive digital terrestrial TV broadcast, you have to videomwte your own antenna which is crucial. The product specification maybe very without further notice. The right-click menu also provides SmartZoom feature to auto-fit or customize video screen for different type monitors, the Aspect Ratio setting provides 4: Channel Surfing While watching TV, the channel surfing feature displays a 4×4 grid of channel images to give you an overview of available programming.


There are vidwomate useful options for your convenience. Verify that the IR icon ComproRemote is in the system tray on the lower-right corner of the screen. Just click the mouse left button to resume normal mode.

Also directly connecting the cable before the splitter may help. It will stop recording when it comes full.

Compro VideoMate Vista U2800F/U890F TV Box Driver

Listen to music or other programs while you work or browse the Internet. Double-click on the speaker icon in vompro system tray. This section provides basic information for ComproFM. Sometimes plugging in another USB port may help. If the disc is re-writable and not empty, you need to erase it first.

Compro UF/UF VideoMate Driver Download

Please use the form from http: Options Press the Options button to open the Options dialog box. Therefore, the lags come when CPU fails to encode in real time. It’s possible to correct this problem by connecting a wire from the grounding of the cable to ground. vdeomate