Is the connection socket properly installed? It may be that when you parked the call you chose a code number that is already occupied. The number you are calling cannot answer any calls at the moment because all channels are being used. Too many communications programs are using the CAPI driver. The terminal device of the other party is not compatible with the terminal device that is making the call.

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The phone number has the right format, however. Protocol error layer 2.

ISDN Software

It may be that when you parked the call you chose a code number that is already occupied. The phone number of the party you are calling has changed.

A isddn cause of this is that the other party’s terminal device is not connected or not turned on, or it is not working properly. The error occurs when several devices react to the call.

Protocol error layer 1 broken line or B-channel removed by signaling protocol. Parked calls are only available for about two minutes. The device that answers the call first gets the connection.


The devices then react according to how they osdn set up, by ringing, ignoring the call or by answering the call. Contact your telephone company for the new number. The device reached under the phone number refused the call, although it was not busy and was able to answer the call. Could not connect to the ISDN network. Is the ISDN network terminator correctly activated? Close down the application you do isxn need.

Close down all applications and restart your PC. The CAPI driver is not ready.

CAPI Error Codes

Contact the other party to establish the cause. One of the users of the connection cancelled the connection. Or it could be that when you tried to resume the call you czpi the wrong code number. Temporary problems in the ISDN network.

Another application got that call.

Common ISDN Application Programming Interface

There is probably no terminal device connected to the number you are calling. Is the connection socket properly installed?


Are you using a suitable cable? This service ixdn option may need to be enabled by the operator of the ISDN network for you or for the other party. There is no physical connection to the ISDN network. Perhaps you tried to resume a call that was not parked in the first place. Message not compatible with call state or message type non-existent or not implemented.

This error message occurs when your waiting call is refused by the person you are trying to reach.

You can try again immediately. No connection is established for the others. The party you are calling could not be reached because the number you called is in the wrong format or incomplete. No answer from user user alerted.

This may be due to a wrong ISDN protocol. The call cannot be answered, therefore.