It is incredibly handy for those small jobs everyone always has around the house. The chuck uses a simple sliding sleeve to install and remove bits. This was my first Bosch experience, and since it was so satisfying, I bought other Bosch machines washers and dryers I am extremely satisfied with this machine. The product is already in the wishlist! I can’t rave enough about this tool. The Bosch PSA Pocket Driver is a very handy, well-made and cleverly designed tool that virtually any woodworker will enjoy having in the shop.

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Best Buy Dremel B 1. Despite it’s small overall size, the trigger throw on the Bosch PSA Pocket Driver is long enough to give you full control over rpm. It could be a pretty great product for the value. However they arrived at. Cheap price Milwaukee Volt Hackzall Saw. Reading opinions provides you with a a lot of fuller information in the cons and pros from the Buy Bosch PS Litheon. Just why you would put a driver in your pocket, I dunno.

Deals Shopping Craftsman C3 The first generation Bosch PS20 Pocket Driver didn’t seem to lack power so this increase should rule out even perceived deficiencies for even the most power-hungry of users. I know I have recharged both battery packs that came with the Bosch PSA Pocket Driver at least once despite often standing at the bench and running screws in and out for no other purpose than to use this tool some more for the evaluation.


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Click image to enlarge. It is built strong and it feels very comfortable in hand.

This allows the user to get used to which setting works best for them in common situations. Charged right up after sitting for a while. I charged it up and put it on the bench where I could grab it whenever I needed to drive a fastener.

The stalk-type battery packs right are surprisingly small and light despite the remarkable power they generate. Shopping Professional Woodworker 7. And it is durable. I work as a commercial electrician and use it on a daily basis it’s great for doing trim and other finish activities when you don’t want to carry around your big 18 volt.

Bosch PS20

Shopping Ryobi 4V Lithium-Ion. Ergonomically comfortable, perfect size and all of the power that you could ask for.

It fits into small spaces podket packs plenty of power to handle nearly all of your driving needs. If you decide to get this driver you will not be disappointed as long as you know you are not going to use it as a drill. This is a Veteran Owned site.

The second generation Bosch PSA Pocket Drive r is well on its way to taking over the top spot in my cordless tool drawer Bosch revisited their venerable PS20 Pocket Driver and made a few upgrades that make this already handy tool even more useful in the shop.


But it does fit in most pockets I have on me when woodworking. If you notice decreased power, just go get the other battery pack. Have a comment on pss20-2 review?

The customers feedback will give you a nice suggestion of the price and nice satisfaction of the products. The clutch ring has easy-to-read markings as well as dents at each position.

Bosch PSA Pocket Driver – LLC

Go ahead and credit your inexplicably improved dexterity but know that it is the Bosch engineer who slipped the magnetic part into the chuck that is really responsible. It is small enough to fit into small spaces when I try to fit bolts and screws, mounting plates for additional shelving and the likes. The actual use life in the shop is remarkable, especially when you see how small and light this pack is. The Bosch PSA Pocket Driver kit reviewed here comes packaged with the driver, two 12V Max Litheon battery packs, the minute charger, two bits and an instruction manual.

I know that sounds like double-talk but my experience with the older The variable speed trigger is very easy to use and control.