Accept and hide Reject Read More. It keeps its bright for a moment and fades out. With an earphone, I can hear the audio from the output. I would only ever advise on winding a new primary coil when you have no knowledge of the original. Do you believe it will? November 26, at

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I must have screwed something up.

555 Audio modulated flyback

I have just one question: October 3, at The diode itself is rated 30kV 30mA. Also my power source is v ma.

Modulafed other words turn that khz arc on and off say times a second so as to simulate a lower frequency arc? June 11, at The other thing I have noticed is that the circuit now very quickly kills the voltage coming from the 20v power supply, it will go from 20 to less than 10v very quickly. What is the 50r?

555 Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback

Check all your connections, see if the is latching up, and if all else fails try a different flyback and remake the circuit. This site uses Flbyack to reduce spam.


But no sparks at all, zero, nada. Thanks a lot Ernesto.

Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

I have made 55 now and it works nicely, see it here http: I bring the two secondary leads together and nothing. November 21, at Construct the circuit according to the schematic, then work out your own perks.

October 15, at I have some questions about the circuit. Almost all newer flyback transformers have a DC output 2: I have read in this comment page that the more windings you have for the primary the less voltage you get.

Hey KhaSieu I was convinced that I had it mentioned in the start of the article that this is a very simple modlated that has some trade offs in reliability to gain simplicity. June 24, at After you confirm that, compare how much does the voltage drop on your battery cells when you connect it back again. Dont worry about the amperage rating of your power supply as long as it can supply a minimum of 12V 2A, this circuit will draw more power with a higher duty cycle and less power with a lower duty cycle, but we are talking around 25 — 50 Watt depending on your supply voltage.


Or, run it on low voltage input with a kilovoltmeter in the output.

Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback – Projects and Interests

March 23, at Three lithium cells, when fully charged, give around 10,8 volts in series — on no load. You flyback transformer is perfect for the job, remember to turn screen and focus potentiometers on it way down. Thanks in advance for your kindness.

Could you email the circuit and list of components you used to build your Monster driver? November 7, at March 22, at Ground everything to one point make the connections electrically good, i.

Is there anyway to amplify it substantially? Hey Giorulesall I am not sure, but when the circuit runs open loop there could be transients going backwards in the circuit and other stress factors that could make the MOSFET squelch.

What input did you use for these proyect?