Which would all be well and good if all Radeons had the same clock speed. If you haven’t got a 21 inch – or at least 19 inch – screen, then you don’t need a card like this. For parts or not working. The difference isn’t a huge one. Now, though, the Nvidia drivers have taken a bigger leap than have the ATI ones, and the Radeon doesn’t have the same edge.

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We will do what we can to be sure you are satisfied. Unlike many other manufacturers these days, ATI don’t give you any clock speed indicators or adjusters in the stock drivers.

Sign in Already have an account? There are various practical technical reasons for this. Guaranteed Delivery see all. The Radeon’s 32 bit speed is fine compared with r1v00 opposition, but people going for more frame rate at the expense of some image quality by dropping the colour depth won’t get much joy from a Radeon.

ATI Radeon Rv100 Sd32m 32mb AGP Video Card

No Windows machines to try guess I could load linux to test them out. The R was built on a nm semiconductor manufacturing process.


R100 only way I could get Kelyway’s Software players work on any old video card. Double click the driver download to extract it. If a language option is given, select your language. Retrieved from ” https: The silicon just can’t do what is required to support 1. Drivers not included unless specifically listed. How to Install Drivers After you have found the right driver for at device and operating system, follow these simple instructions to install it.

All you needed was the right drivers for whatever architecture and operating system on which you wanted to use your nifty multi-platform PCI device. Annoyingly, though, the Radeon doesn’t seem to support either resolution for full-screen OpenGL games like Quake 2. ATI doesn’t quote megahertz figures for any Radeons if they can help it, because the Rv10 architecture runs at lower clock speeds than competitors – like, for instance, the GeForce2 GTS, with its stock MHz core speed.


Rage s are another card type that I don’t recommend, rf100 because they’re rubbish but because Nvidia boards are cheaper. I used the current release driver versions for all of the boards; the v6. Memory Size see all. If you’re looking for a top-spec graphics card for your Macintosh, a Radeon DDR is, at the moment, the best you can buy.


This causes 3DMark to think it can run certain tests. For parts or not working. Or a Sun box. Mac daddy The Radeon’s of particular interest to Macintosh users, because it’s almost the only choice in Macintosh super-performance video adapters at the moment.

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Or just more 3D grunt than any of their mates’ computers can manage. All you need are drivers.

Lots of people ask me what video card they should buy. This is also true of GeForce and GeForce2.

ATI Radeon RV DDR () – ATi – InsanelyMac Forum

A forum post by an ATI engineer in clarified this:. The core speed was Mhz and the 5. The Radeons that work with the Mac don’t work in PCs, and vice versa. They don’t generally just want something that can do a decent resolution and refresh rate for office applications, to replace some ghastly old 1Mb board; ari about anything’ll do in that case.