One bothersome note on that, is from time to time when using the hybrid from the rough some grass would get into either the bottom or top VST slot and it was difficult to get it out. Those seeking more forgiveness, or looking to save a few bucks should lean toward the S. In testing, the 3 hybrid had carry distances closer to a 5 wood than a 3 iron. In fact, I found it to be pleasantly forgiving — much more so than other hybrids with similar shape and playing attributes. First, I assessed the dispersion of the shots. I test drove my new super ls today and found that I really have over adjust my aim as when I stand in my normal swing position the ball travels to the right.

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This is all done in black so one must inspect the clubhead closely to see this design feature.

Hybrid Reviews Gear Trials: I kill the LS but nasty hooks come from hits toward the toe But it is sooo sweet on pure strikes. The performance was similar off the tee as well. Each is available in six lofts, providing a gamut of options for the consumer. Refined crown slot creates higher launch angle adxms increasing spin for longer carry distance.

As you might guess, the red piping of the S series certainly stands out more than the light grays of the LS. The flight was slightly higher and with more draw bias, but the distance was extremely close. That’s because of the refined slots on the sole and crown plus the multi-materials xrd are built into this club. The engineers say that the new crown slot improves deflection across the entire face which gives the golfer adamd higher launch angle without increasing spin, something everyone is looking for because it will create more carry distance.


In the white portion the loft of the club is denoted, as well as the adms XTD. In addition, I found the degree XR hybrid to launch nearly identically to the degree XR Pro, albeit with less spin. This hybrid will more than replace the hybrids currently in the bag; it will have golfers questioning if they need the fairway wood that is currently in their bag.

With these hybrids, the sweet spot is gone. Like the Fly-Z fairway woods, the strength of the Fly-Z hybrids is their versatility. Another improvement to the Super LS hybrid is the re-designed crown slot, which has been redesigned to be deeper, longer, and thinner to give improved performance characteristics.

Conclusion There was some concern, especially from this reviewer, that when TaylorMade purchased Adams the quality and innovation might be sdams reduced.

I found it for the most part to be very easy to hit. It also has a slightly smaller club head cc that many better players will prefer.

The 1 reason is incredible performance. Follow Ronald on Twitter at buffalogolfer. That said, where both clubs differentiated themselves for me was on long approach shots or second shots into a par adamz.


Adams Idea Super LS XTD Hybrid at

News 3 weeks ago. The titanium face l crown, combined with the stainless steel sole, and the VST incorporated in both the crown and sole creates the hottest Adams Hybrid ever. The face of the clubhhead which is done in black is a nice clean transition to help the golfer with alignment of the club. The matte white crown makes the clubhead look larger and a contrasting PVD face improves alignment. Those slots are deeper and thinner in the Super S and LS hybrids than in previous models, which Adams says creates less deflection meaning less side spin and an increased launch angle meaning more height, quicker.

The stainless steel bar is framed by a section of black area done to look very similar to netting. The only major drawback that I could find using the club was that it was not as strong of a performer from the rough.

Adams Super S and LS Hybrids: Editor review

Store Outlet Customer Service. In these series of articles, I will be taking you around the Emerald Isle providing you with axams golf courses A slight color difference is also apparent. It comes stock with the best selection of stock shafts on this list: Callaway Alpha 20 degrees Gamer Shaft: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.